Living in His Forgiveness – Testimonies

I was 17 when I had an abortion. I met Sandy and went through the “Living in His Forgiveness” study 10 years later. When Sandy first approached me about doing the study I felt like it was not something I really needed to do. It had been 10 years, I was over it or so I thought. I will admit that this was not an easy study to go through. See, while I thought I had moved on from this tragedy in my life, I had simply pushed it to the back of my mind to the deepest darkest corner imaginable. Through the study it was such a relief to share what I had been through with the other women in the group. During the weeks that followed I came to understand forgiveness and how the Lord forgave me for my sin of abortion and all the other horrible sins I had committed in the past. Praise God! Had it not been for this study I would still be living in the shame and guilt of the sin of my abortion. I would recommend this study to any woman who has been through the pain of abortion. It will surely change your life!


Hi Sandy,
I bought your book at a Christian bookstore in Brisbane, Australia. I was simply looking for a book that helped to deal with forgiveness and a lady who worked there spent quite some time trying to find something. There isn’t much on that topic; then she found your book. Obviously, I didn’t tell her what I was having trouble over so she didn’t think your book would be appropriate – little did she know it was perfect.

I got the Bible Study book today. I’ve already started it, and I’m into Chapter 2 already. Amy’s story is so much like mine that I just cried, but how Cindy came to the Lord reminded me of the day my own life was turned over to Him. Just today, the study has reminded me of how much Christ loves me. Cindy’s poem ministered to my heart and made me cry. Thanks for sending the Bible study; I can see that it’s going to help me in many ways. Praise God!

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