Living in His Forgiveness – Endorsements

  This book is a gift of God to you. Reading it reminded me of the time when I was a nursing instructor (and unsaved) at a local college. A woman came to me and told me she was pregnant. Since she was married and had other children and because I knew she had a very bad problem with high blood pressure, I said, “Oh, I’m sorry but you know you need to have an abortion. Talk to your doctor.” I do not know whom else she talked to but she did have an abortion. I did not give it a second thought until after I was saved and the Lord convicted me of my part in influencing her. So, I contacted her, met with her, gave her my testimony, and asked her forgiveness. She, too, expressed regret. How ashamed I was of my part in influencing her decision, but how thankful I was to the Lord that He had shown me my sin and renewed my mind to think rightly about God’s precious gift of life.

Ladies, you can trust this book because it is biblically sound. God’s Word is true and as difficult as it is for any of us to admit our sin, therein lies our only hope. The hope of forgiveness, peace of mind, eternal life, and living a God-honoring life is presented clearly and in an engaging manner. I highly recommend this book to you.

May God use it to bless you and for His glory,

Martha Peace
Author of “The Excellent Wife”

Sandy has done a masterful job weaving testimonies from those who have had abortions with enlightening studies from the Word of God. The testimonies deal first hand with the pain and trauma resulting from having had abortions. The Bible studies follow through with the healing available through the truth of the Word of God. “Living in His Forgiveness” will bring wholeness and hope for post-abortive women.

Betsy Bird
Founder, Just for Women Ministries

As a pastor/counselor for over twenty years, I have often wished for a supplemental book to help women who have gone through the horrendous experience of an abortion. So many issues face them continually and God’s message to them is “THERE IS HOPE.” Sandy and Carolyn do a great job in compiling several testimonies to encourage the readers and also add very helpful Bible studies to direct the reader into God’s Word where they will find answers for their lives. I highly recommend this book to all who have gone through an abortion and to those in ministry to post-abortive women.”

Dr. Stuart W. Scott
A.C.B.C. Board Member and Biblical Counseling Professor at The Master’s College