Letter from Sandy

Dear Friend,

gal_sandydayFreedom from the overwhelming guilt and shame of an abortion is readily available from God’s unlimited stores of grace and mercy. If you are still struggling with the pain and despair from this decision, you can be assured that God’s forgiveness covers you and offers you peace and complete restoration.

After having an abortion at age 19 and dealing with the subsequent guilt, pain, and consequences of that decision for many years, I finally understood what Christ did for me on the cross and, for the first time, the benefits of God’s forgiveness. As a result, I have been able to live joyously and use my experiences to minister to others that are in similar circumstances. God is willing to work in your heart and life and He is able to change your life and do exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ask or think.

Abbey’s Place is our post-abortion part of Caleb Ministries. We seek to minister to women who have had an abortion and are now dealing with the grief and pain of that decision. I have written an in-depth Bible study book entitled “Living in His Forgiveness” for individual or small group studies. This Bible study is recommended for post-abortive ministries in churches and pregnancy centers.

It is my desire that you embrace through God’s Word the same forgiveness I have and that you realize that your experiences are shared by many. I rejoice with you in what God has in store for your life and the transformation He wants to shower upon you as you live in His forgiveness.

By His Grace,
Sandy Day
Founder of Caleb Ministries